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One time, One meeting

I have been working in Bali for many years related to "houses''.

A home that provides the best place, whether it's an elegant moment in a private villa, a home party with family and friends, a place to entertain someone special, or a place to create joy and drama in life. 

When I was working at a villa management company, I kept this in mind as I worked, so I was able to put my passion into finding ways to provide the best possible time in the villa. 

​After that, in my work as a real estate agent, I worked side-by-side with clients of various nationalities to help buyers overcome many hurdles to achieve their goal of owning a vacation home.

The reason I started this service was because I wanted to enrich the lives of the clients I had the opportunity to meet.

For people who come to Bali in search of a joyful lifestyle, enjoy the time of your life and have a wonderful Tropical House experience.


House Advisor

I have been living in Bali since 2010 and have gained experience in industries such as villa management, real estate brokerage, and consulting. Based on the experience he gained locally, now I'm acting as a housing coordinator in Bali. 

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Tropical House

A house where coexists with the rich nature 

On Bali and the islands of Indonesia, there are so many villas surrounded by nature and artistic houses that enrich your vibes and senses just by being there. My YouTube video introduces a variety of homes, including villas built to enjoy island life to the fullest, and bungalows that are rustic but nestled in rich nature. Let's discover a wonderful house where you can enjoy the scenery that stirs emotion and the beautiful daily life.

The Villas in Bali

Beautiful moments

Image by Afeeq Nadzrin
Image by Jake Irish
Image by Avi Werde
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