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​“2024 Bali Real Estate and Lifestyle Guide”

Now You can read the PDF version of the booklet for free.

House Coordinator

Our experienced Bali real estate advisors will help you realize your ideal tropical lifestyle. We will search for the best property according to your budget, such as luxury villas (villas with pools), detached houses, condominiums, and apartments.

Experts who have worked with a variety of clients at real estate companies, management companies, and consulting companies in Bali will provide direct support as advisors. Please feel free to ask us anything about real estate in Bali, including housing, commercial real estate, and investment properties.


Do you have such troubles?

  • I don't understand real estate contracts in Bali.

  • I want to buy an ideal property at a reasonable price, but I don't know where to look for information.

  • I would like to discuss plans for relocation, but there is no one I can trust to talk with yet.

  • Since I don't understand the local language, I'm worried about whether I'll be able to communicate with landlords, landowners, real estate companies, and notaries.

3 problems that you would feel when you looking for a house in Bali.
1 / Unclear property information

Information on the Internet is not only sales information from real estate companies but also from individuals and real estate agents. 

Furthermore, in Bali, even if a property is introduced by a brokerage company or agent, it is not common for properties to be sold by exclusive listings, so there is a lot of old sales information that has not been updated on the internet.

2 / Unclear real estate rules

The laws regarding the sale and rental of real estate in Bali are regulated by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. It is initially difficult for foreigners to understand Indonesia's unique rules, so it is essential to have a consultant or agent who can provide you with accurate knowledge.

3 / What to start for moving to Bali

Bali has an environment that is easy for foreigners to live in, but if you are starting your life in an unfamiliar foreign land for the first time, it may be difficult to start living in an unfamiliar place if you do not have any local acquaintances due to differences in language, environment, and lifestyle. 

Your advantage in choosing us 

The most reliable way to ensure that your immigration life goes according to plan is to consult with an expert who is familiar with the local real estate situation and area.


Search your houses efficiently

We not only search for properties based on your ideal location, facilities, environment, and budget but also make personalized proposals that suit your life plan. We compare the latest information from the most reliable real estate companies in the area and help you communicate with sellers and agents.

Image by Leon Seibert

Support all the process

We support everything necessary to communicate, sign documents, and conclude contracts with sellers, lenders, real estate companies, and notaries. When using real estate in Indonesia, we help foreigners understand the local customs and circumstances that they need to know.

Image by Brad Neathery

Save your time

It is common to find the most suitable property, sign a rental or lease contract, and spend several months to a year working on it before you can start living. Even if you are unable to visit Bali many times or are busy, we can save you time by taking care of everything from property searches to communication.

Let's start your new journey with us.

We will support your new life in BALI.

Please feel free to ask us anything about housing and life. By leveraging our extensive experience in the real estate industry in Bali, we will carefully support you so that you can have a wonderful relocation experience. Watch my YouTube channel "Tropical House" to find unique tropical hoses. I hope you'll get the inspiration of tropical lifestyle images before traveling to Bali.

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Enjoy the tastes of the tropical lifestyle in Bali.
"Tropical House" will guide you to the wonderful tropic homes.
“My family and I decided to move to Bali, and we were able to start a new life without any troubles for finding a house and living in Bali. Thank you very much for your professional help.”

Neil Robertson

“I have always dreamed of living in a villa with a pool. I am grateful that finally, we were able to find a wonderful home. My children are going to an international school where surrounded by beautiful nature, and I can enjoy the surf. Every day is very fulfilling. Thank you for taking time to consult with me about alot of things.”

Tatsuya Ota

“When my husband and I were in Malaysia, we were talking about our new place... I wanted to live in Bali,'' and someday we found the beautiful video on YouTube. It gave us the wonderful inspiration for imagining life in Bali. We found our dream home. ”

Cecilia Cheung

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2024 Edition Bali Real Estate and Living Guide

It is full of useful information that you should read before looking for a house or moving to Bali, to understand the basic rules of real estate and smoothly live in Bali. This is a free PDF booklet, so please feel free to take a look at it if you want to own a vacation home in Bali.


Service flow​


Get Free PDF Booklet

First, download the "2024 Edition Bali Real Estate & Lifestyle Guide" and search for what you are interested in. We have compiled the knowledge you need for real estate in Bali and life after moving. Please feel free to use it if you want to know about life and real estate information.


Free Consultation

We offer free consultations by phone call or Zoom, so if you are interested in our services, please contact us through the "contact form".
We will also provide information about our services, so please feel free to contact us.


Start Service

We will start our service after hearing about your plans for staying in Bali and confirming your specific schedule for house hunting and relocation. You can communicate with us via WhatsApp before your departure, so if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you at any time.


Practical support

We will fully support you with everything you need before moving into your dream home. Communication and document translation for sales and rental agreements with local real estate companies, landowners, landlords, notaries, and so on. 

  • Is it possible for foreigners to purchase real estate in Bali?
    Yes, foreigners can also buy real estate in Bali. However, there are certain restrictions on land ownership, and visas and legal procedures are required. Also, the most common real estate contract handled by foreigners is leasehold, so think about the method that suits your budget and lifestyle plan.
  • How long does it take to find a house in Bali?
    If you are starting to look for a house without knowing anything about the area, it is best to give yourself at least six months to a year to gradually get to know the surrounding environment and traffic conditions in the area, so you can finally find the ideal conditions.
  • How much does it cost to live in Bali?
    Living costs vary depending on individual lifestyle but are generally relatively low. Food, housing, and transportation costs vary by country, but you can keep costs down by using local ingredients and services.
  • How long does the immigration procedures take?
    Immigration procedures can typically take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your individual circumstances and visa type. The key to a smooth migration is to plan early and complete the necessary documents and procedures.
  • Can I live without speaking the local language?
    Yes, Bali's main industry is tourism, so it is the island where English is the most widely spoken in the Republic of Indonesia. However, by learning the local languages Balinese and Indonesian, you will be able to deepen your interactions with the locals and enrich your life.
  • Are there any international schools?
    Bali is home to international schools and educational institutions, providing a unique environment for education, especially in a natural setting. To find the right school for you, you can discover many things by actually visiting the local school and participating in tours.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We also offer free consultations at any time.

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